"There's got to be a better way"

This dates back to the time when Natalie began her career in Finance. She had extremely hectic schedules that started before sunrise and often didn't have lunch breaks due to intense trading hours. Coffee was an essential lifeline, but she often had to resort to terrible office coffee and was frustrated by the lack of options.

In 2021, She found a game changing alternative. She stumbled across these pouches in Hong Kong and fell in love with their quality and simplicity.

"How do we make it happen?"

After dedicated research and development, we introduced the initial iteration of single-serve coffee pouches, which gained quick popularity at our San Francisco Coffee Festival debut.

As the product received hundreds of positive feedback, Natalie's determination grew to establish Hooked Coffee — a brand that delivers accessible, high-quality coffee experiences to individuals who strive to bring out their best selves every day.

craft coffee, brewed simply

To elevate your morning ritual, Hooked partners with specialty roasters nationwide to offer you a premium and simple coffee experience.

roaster and partnership philosophy

We partner with roasters that share our mission of making craft coffee accessible. We look for partners that prioritize high-quality product and sustainable sourcing practices.


our mission


  • We are grounded.

    A cup of coffee is an integral part of our daily rituals. We are committed to making quality products for a meaningful start to the day. Even in working towards our big dreams, we stay grounded.

  • We are personable.

    We listen to what you are looking for to make your daily ritual the best it can be. We listen to our partners to learn what we can do to contribute to the community. Good coffee is meant to be shared.

  • We are real.

    We prioritize quality products, sustainable sourcing, and good practices. We only partner with roasters and brands with missions that match ours. We are 100% transparent and honest.

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